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sentence statistics for 2000
january 6, 2001

SENTENCE is now entering its fourth year on-line.

Each January, I've been publishing statistics about the site, for those of you who might be interested. The statistics quoted here are from Webalizer Version 1.30, the statistics software used by SENTENCE. Totals, unless indicated otherwise, refer to all SENTENCE webpages combined.

In 2000, SENTENCE received a total of 292,624 hits.

For the first time, in August of 2000, SENTENCE surpassed an average of 1,000 hits per day for an entire month.

During December 2000, the most popular hour to visit SENTENCE was 8:PM (same as last year), followed by 11:AM, 9:PM, and 3:PM and 7:PM (tie). The hour with the fewest visitors was 5:AM.

In December, SENTENCE had 2,733 "unique sites" (domains from which SENTENCE was visited), and 404 "unique referrers" (specific locations on the Web that referred someone to this page, which includes links, search engine referrals, and webring referrals). 25.96% (6,066) of the total referrals to SENTENCE in December were by "direct request", meaning the visitor arrived here by typing in this URL, or by clicking on a Bookmark or Favorites link where he or she had previously saved this URL.

The most popular entry page for SENTENCE in December was The Sex Act page, followed by the Home page, followed by Words Walking Nude.

The ten most popular short stories on this site in December were, in this order, starting with number one: The Rape, Sex on Sheets, Daddy's Glad Hands, Beaten Up By Girls, Zombie Betrayal, Red Boat, Big Inches, When You Surfaced, This Moment of Brilliance, and When the Big One Thaws.

During the month of December people from 65 countries clicked to SENTENCE.

In June of 2000 I started a second website for my fiction, this time for fiction written specifically for the Web, using familiar Internet formats such as family pages, e-serials, etc., called JUMP DOWN THE HOLE [Note: JDTH was subsequently shut down by me. See the second entry for March 24, 2001].

During its first half year on-line, JDTH has had 11,000 hits. In December it averaged 50 hits a day, with visitors from 18 countries. There were 159 Unique Sites, and 97 Unique Referrers. 19.01% (298) of the referrals in December were by Direct Request.

The most popular feature on JDTH is the "as dead as me" e-serial, which I have since frozen, in order to turn it into a novel. The second most popular feature is the Maddox Family Home Page, followed by Antarctica.

In 2001 I hope to work on JDTH some more, to increase its popularity.

Finally, I thought it might be interesting to share with you some of the "search strings" people use to find SENTENCE. A "search string" is the word or phrase that's typed into a search engine to locate a site. Most of the search strings used to locate SENTENCE are fairly obvious ones: 'fiction', 'on-line stories', 'sex stories', 'poems', etc. But here are some of the more unusual search strings people used in 2000 which brought up SENTENCE as one of the results:

earth angels nude
cigarette smoke and mattress and odor
watering can and nozzle
high near heels and long sk
male legs
baked ziti recipe
transformer history
leg sex
she saw my penis
how to rewrite a story using computer
nude women with bald heads
a kapow
belly bloat air pump
with her bare foot
fucking bears dad son lesbian girls
army rape girl cunt
good walking quotes

My thanks to all of you who visit SENTENCE. I'm glad you enjoy it, and I hope you'll keep coming back. In 2001 I'll be adding a gallery section, which will include photographs, video and short Flash films. And of course I'll continue to post my fictions and other writings here.

I wish the very best to each of you.