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This page is for all the miscellany that doesn't fit into the other sections of SENTENCE.


too much life
to joan
to betty
everyone who loves you
i will wait for that smile
and god said, "lets"

I have always been a fiction writer. I have never been a poet.

What attracts me to poems is that in the best the language is coded. So compressed each word must reflect something additional, often through puns and other forms of wordplay. The language of a poem must not only form the vase, but break apart into the faces in profile.

A while ago I started writing poetry again for the first time since adolescence, pages of it, each page flipped over on the legal-sized pad so more stanzas could be scribbled down the bars in the bluest ink. When I was finished, I tossed all these early efforts into the bottom drawer of a cabinet in a back room, and started all over again.

stroke information

stroke information

My wife had a severe stroke in April of 2002.

At one point I looked on the Internet for information about strokes, and although there were quite a few stroke sites, there wasn't really a one-page reference source for general stroke information that discussed all aspects of stroke, such as types of stroke, causes, preventive measures, treatment of aphasia, and so on.

Thinking it might be helpful for others if such a one-page source existed, I created my Stroke Information page. I hope it's of some use.


Midnight Street April, 2006. Interview conducted by Trevor Denyer.

Necessary Fiction May, 2011. Interview conducted by Kevin Fanning.

The Short Review August, 2011. Interview conducted by Tania Hershman.

The Future of Horror May, 2012. Interview conducted by Sean Killian.

55 Questions September, 2012.

The Usual Questions August, 2013. Interview conducted by Ali Kayn.

Alchemy Press December, 2013. Interview for the release of the Astrologica anthology.

TTA Press January, 2014. Interview conducted by Peter Tennant.

3 Things I Don't Write: 3 Things I Do Write July, 2014.

Everything Swarming Around Us May-June, 2015 print issue of Black Static (#46). Not available online. Interview conducted by Peter Tennant.

Bonus Question About H.P. Lovecraft May-June, 2015. Interview conducted by Peter Tennant.

Writing in Starlight March, 2016. Interview conducted by Tom Adams.

Over the years, different people have been kind enough to ask me for an interview. I'm always flattered. Who doesn't want to talk about themselves?

The links for Midnight Street, The Future of Horror, 55 Questions and 3 Things I Don't Write; 3 Things I Do Write take you to pages on this site. The links for Necessary Fiction, The Short Review, The Usual Questions, Alchemy Press, TTA Press, Bonus Question About H.P Lovecraft, and Writing in Starlight take you off SENTENCE to the site that hosts the interview. Everything Swarming Around Us is only available by purchasing the print or Kindle edition of Black Static #46.



The bibliography lists my published and unpublished writings (except that most writings appearing on SENTENCE -- Lately entries, essays, poems, one-paragraph stories, special fiction projects, miscellaneous items -- are not included in the bibliography.)