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sentence statistics for 1999
january 8, 2000

SENTENCE is now entering its third year on-line.

Each January, I've been publishing statistics about the site, for those of you who might be interested. The statistics quoted here are from Webalizer Version 1.30, the statistics software used by SENTENCE. Totals, unless indicated otherwise, refer to all SENTENCE webpages combined.

In 1999, SENTENCE received a total of 163,387 hits.

Although some months do better than others, in general the number of hits SENTENCE receives has been steadily increasing. For example, in January 1999, total monthly hits were 2,106. In December, 1999 (the best month so far), total monthly hits were 21,919, a ten-fold increase.

During December 1999, SENTENCE had an average of 29 hits per hour, 707 hits per day. The maximum number of hits it received in an hour was 159; the maximum number of hits it had in a day was 959 (December 10, a Friday). During December, the most popular hour to visit SENTENCE was 8:PM, followed by 3:PM, 6:PM, 4:PM and 1:PM. The hour with the fewest visitors was 6:AM.

In December, SENTENCE had 2,029 "unique sites" (domains from which SENTENCE was visited), and 343 "unique referrers" (specific locations on the Web that referred someone to this page, which includes links, search engine referrals, and webring referrals). 16.31% (3,576) of the total referrals to SENTENCE in December were by "direct request", meaning the visitor arrived here by typing in this URL, or by clicking on a Bookmark or Favorites link where he or she had previously saved this URL.

The most popular entry page for SENTENCE remains The Sex Act page; the second most popular is the home page.

The ten most popular short stories on this site in December were, in this order: The Rape, Daddy's Glad Hands, Sex on Sheets, Beaten Up By Girls, When You Surfaced, Big Inches, Zombie Betrayal, Red Boat, This Moment of Brilliance, and Despair at McDonalds.

During my last review, in January of 1999, I mentioned that the least-visited page on this site was the Poems page. I'm happy to report that it is now the twelfth most-visited page (although in all honesty I don't consider my poems to be as good as my prose).

And finally, during the month of December, people from 52 countries clicked to SENTENCE.

My sincere thanks to all of you for visiting SENTENCE. I'd especially like to thank everyone who has written me, from both here in America and internationally, and the writers and artists I've gotten to know as a result of this site, such as Kevin and Aaron, with a special thanks to the correspondence I've received from a number of writers, editors and readers from eastern Europe, and in particular, from Russia and Ukraine. Thanks also to the university students and professors who have been kind enough to link to this site. It's very much appreciated.