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He Dyed His Part the Same Color as Her Hair is copyright © 2000 by Ralph Robert Moore.

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he dyed his part the same color as her hair

He dyed his part the same color as her hair sometimes in their second-hand bed in the quiet mornings of days called in sick she'd lay her hair across it and it was the same exact color they were close like what you see when you go for a drive in the country a tree next to a farmhouse she asked him to go on the jerry springer show with her jerry was going to do a special show on people who actually do love each other he went out on the stage she was sitting there already he was nervous and felt surreal the audience was grinning she told him you know I love you but I've been cheating on you this guy she worked with at the pie factory came out raising the roof with his hands he angrily blinked back big tears the audience went awww a month later he was in a bar he felt too lonely to go to the clubs anymore a middle-aged man in a black suit sitting next to him drinking a cold green drink pulled out half a map Jeffrey said who has the other half the man took his hand off his cold green drink pointed his index finger at Jeffrey later Jeffrey agreed to drive the man home they stopped on the highway so the man could pee but he didn't he led Jeffrey to a tree and said watch this he started digging in the trunk with his bare hands the wood crumbled under his fingers like chocolate cake halfway into the tree he uncovered something metallic he dug it out it was a small safe he said do you know the combination Jeffrey laughing said of course not the man said guess Jeffrey shrugged said ten to the left the man's fingers twirled three to the right five to the left the man pulled up on the latch the little safe door opened there was a gun inside the man lifted it out and pointed it at Jeffrey's forehead Jeffrey said hey the next day the papers read jerry springer guest found shot in the woods Esmeraldo lifted the toilet seat before peeing said why are you crying?

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