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Walk Down to the End of the Block is copyright © 2000 by Ralph Robert Moore.

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walk down to the end of the block

Walk down to the end of the block make a left it's the third store down she says she's lying on her back in their bed with the sheets pulled up to her chin she's crying hair still long but now grey and white her eyes glistening with tears but what if you get lost what if you don't remember your way back I'm so worried for you the arthritis in his hands slows down his sweater-buttoning I'll be okay I'm having a good day today they ate crackers for dinner last night stale no more food in the house she can't walk anymore he has to help her to the bathroom wipe her afterwards he sometimes stands lost in the middle of the kitchen can't remember whose house this is how the microwave works looks at the clock but can't figure out how the two hands relate to time one last kiss he strokes her dry hair I'm having a good day today don't worry she lifts her arms off the bed reaching out for him beseeching him to come back what if someone mugs you he shows her again how he looks tough outside he straightens himself up assumes a put-upon stance it always works he says he shuffles to the doorway turns around looks back at her fifty years as husband and wife they still talk to each other even in their dreams sometimes much younger in their dreams the sun shining on the tops of the trees back then everything bobbing around you you just had to reach out for it that power back then you could hold anything in your hand back then walk down to the end of the block make a left third store down he says.

we have won driving down the street