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"We used to finish each other's sandwiches."

Harry and Edna are a middle-aged married couple who probably did love each other when they were young and just starting out, but now maybe don't any longer? Or possibly still do, in some ways? It's so hard to tell sometimes, with people who have shared their lives for so many years.

Harry, a big, angry, disappointed man with a sarcastic sense of humor, flips houses for a living in the greater Dallas area, buying run-down homes, supervising his crew as they go in and renovate the properties, reviving them so they're once again a thing of beauty.

Edna, his wife, has become increasingly promiscuous, and has had to undergo more and more invasive surgeries to try to eliminate an infection that has taken hold in her body.

The Angry Red Planet is a sad, funny, scary exploration of the changing relationship between a man and a woman, and the daily social irritations that slowly grind them down, like they grind all of us down.

About Ralph Robert Moore

Ralph Robert Moore, nominated twice for Best Story of the Year by the British Fantasy Society (2013 and 2016), has been published in America, Canada, England, Ireland, France, India and Australia in a wide variety of genre and literary magazines and anthologies, including Black Static, Shadows & Tall Trees, Nightscript, Midnight Street, Chizine, and Sein und Werden.

His books include the novels Father Figure, As Dead As Me, and Ghosters; and the short story collections Remove the Eyes, I Smell Blood, You Can Never Spit It All Out, and Behind You.

"Moore's work is consistently fascinating, original and devastating. His characters speak to you from whatever hell they inhabit, with clear, unambiguous voices."-Trevor Denyer

"[Moore's] work is not quite like that of anybody else. He is a true original."-Peter Tennant

"Moore's…work is always heartfelt, deep and superbly executed…a writer everybody with an interest in dark fiction should be reading."-Grim Reader Reviews

"Disturbing. Nightmarish. Terrifying. And above all, original...reinforces his reputation, amongst those in the know, that here we have a genre-storytelling giant in our midst."-AJ Kirby

"Moore's writing is consistently powerful, his descriptions (even of the smallest minutia) terrifically rendered. He is not afraid to tap into his darkest imaginings and to go places most writers might very well shy away from. Indeed, he is one of the most singularly powerful authors I've encountered in a long, long while…"-C.M. Muller

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Behind You is my latest collection. 18 stories and novelettes. 400 pages, 110,000 words.

Includes "Our Island", nominated in 2013 for Best Story of the Year by the British Fantasy Society.

What crawls after midnight on elbows and knees into hospital emergency rooms?

Who hides in the woods waiting for hikers who get lost?

How could a 90-year old woman get pregnant?

Is a bird really a bird if it has no feathers or wings or head?

Is there a ghost in your best friend's attic?

Do dolls get cancer?

Can sharks attack someone on a cobblestone street?

Is it wise to have an affair with your dental hygienist?

What should you do when you suddenly discover you are male, and have a penis?

How do priests protect Latino boys from a young girl who likes to put her pet tarantula inside her mouth?

Why are you so drawn to a red-haired computer nerd who is indifferent to your beauty?

How does a middle-aged couple appearing together in Italo-Spanish-German low budget horror films maintain their relationship when the wife is now being cast in movies as a witch, while the husband still has sex scenes with actresses half his age?

When your toilet tells you that you need to get a screening colonoscopy, can your toilet be trusted, especially when your life is being filmed every day by a reality TV crew?

How dangerous, and in other situations quite useful, are bananas?

How many versions of you and the love of your life exist?

Is the world just one island, and endless ocean?

What are you hiding, where are you hiding it, and are you willing to submit to a rectal exam?

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10 horror novelettes by Ralph Robert Moore. 400 pages. 120,000 words.

Includes "Dirt Land", nominated in 2016 for Best Story of the Year by the British Fantasy Society.

Children born with four feet. A man physically attached to three other men. A pushy waitress. A woman who dresses up as Santa Claus on Halloween. An off-campus NYC apartment overrun with tiny, crawling faces. A tomato with spikes sticking out of its red skin. A third rate stand-up comic who insists he isn't gay. A lonely woman who constructs a tabletop village of miniature buildings wherever she moves. A widow who's visited by God in a dream, singing instructions to her about the structure He wants her to build. A psychiatry student who has to convince a handcuffed serial rapist to sit on a toilet seat to reconnect with his childhood.

Featuring 3 novelettes from Black Static, "Dirt Land", "Kebab Bob" and "Drown Town"; 3 novelettes from Midnight Street, "They Hide in Tomatoes", "Nobody I Knew", and "Suddenly the Sun Appeared"; 1 novelette from Hellfire Crossroads, "She Has Maids", and 3 novelettes never before published, "During the Time I Was Out", "Imperfect Boy", and "Boyfriend".

"Up on the mountain, not everything that gets born is human. Or at least, human enough. That's just the way it is. Some of them are kept, if they look close enough, but a lot are taken down to the river before they get big, and drowned. Shaken out of a blanket. If you go downstream, you'll find all kinds of dead babies bumping against the gray river rocks. Stiff limbs, open mouths. Getting picked at by fish. Of course, up on the mountain, the people who live there catch that fish, like they catch all fish. Fry it. Eat it. That may be part of the problem."

--Opening paragraph of "Dirt Land"

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The full text of Father Figure is now available in new trade paperback and Kindle editions, with a 2015 Author's Preface, and an appendix which includes 6,000 words in deleted scenes.

Father Figure is also available at all other Amazon sites worldwide, and additional online venues. 175,000 words, plus 6,000 words of deleted scenes.

South of Anchorage, accessible only from a mud-rutted road off Seward Highway, lies the town of Lodgepole. After midnight, among the blueberry bushes of White Birch Park, a man climbs on top of a woman and begins making love to her. As her orgasm rises he puts his hands around her throat, shutting off her air. She struggles, not to stop him, but to stop herself from trying instinctively to pull his hands off her throat. As the top joints of his thumb meet at the front of her throat she comes, her cry of orgasm ricocheting around inside her forever.

Daryl Putnam, handsome, bookish, wakes up from a nightmare and decides to do something he hasn't done in years. Take a walk outside at night. Down in the park, at the lime green shores of Little Muncho Lake, he comes across the body of the strangled woman.

The next morning, at the coffee shop of the hospital where he works, Daryl meets Sally, a pretty, dark-haired girl. He's intelligent, she's outgoing. What they have in common is both are living lonely lives. Until today.

Also in the hospital coffee shop, shaking half a can of black pepper onto his tomato soup, is Sam Rudolph, a fiftyish man with eyes like an angry dog's, who has spent over twenty years quietly manipulating events in Daryl and Sally's lives to have this seemingly chance encounter among the three of them occur.

And who is actually a lot older than fifty.

"It is easy to see why Father Figure has become an underground classic over the years. It is a dark, extremely disturbing but completely gripping suspense thriller with a strongly erotic subtext...Moore is an extremely talented writer with a gift for pushing the reader's emotional buttons...certainly liable to become a cult classic, and deservedly so."

From an editorial review

"Immensely readable and informed by a lucid intelligence, Father Figure belongs up there with the likes of Delany's The Mad Man, Bataille's Story of the Eye, Sade's oeuvre, The Story of O, and other works of transgressive literature that challenge our assumptions as what is normal and what goes beyond the pale."

Peter Tennant, Black Static magazine

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When someone you love dies, are they gone forever?

Meet the Ghosters, and the desperate people who hire them.

In our modern world, only Ghosters know what comes after death. What stays behind. And what dwells between.

Ghosters are a small, loosely-connected group of individuals who travel the highways of America curing people of their hauntings. For as much money as they can negotiate from each client. They are legitimate. But they are not nice.

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If you're here, it's probably night. You can see a window from where you sit, and the window is dark. Who really knows what's outside?

I write. If you read, we've just made a connection.

SENTENCE is the forest you fall asleep into.

I created SENTENCE back in 1998 as a way of letting readers know a little bit more about me. Here you'll find about a dozen of my stories, the complete text of my novel Father Figure, essays of mine, videos I've made, photographs I've shot, 20 years of my on-line diary entries, some of my favorite recipes, and much, much more. I don't fear plagiarism. Ideas can be stolen-- a simile, a description, a plot, a joke-- but that will happen regardless of the medium in which your luggage is left alone on the airport floor. The truth is, fear of plagiarism is fear of readership. To be plagiarized is never fatal. What is more important is to be read. Because if it's in a box, and no one but you knows about the storms raging through the paragraphs, the footsteps plodding soggily down the sentences, water dripping off the rims of words, that's the biggest shame of all. A fizzle. Because the real achievement of writing is not the writing. The real achievement of writing is someone else reading the writing.

SENTENCE started as an island. Over the years, its accumulated bulk, added to each month, became a continent.

Art is an invitation to go inside someone else's mind. To see our world as they see it. SENTENCE is my mind.

I've been published in America, Canada, England, Ireland, France, India and Australia in a wide variety of genre and literary magazines and anthologies. I've been nominated twice for Best Story of the Year by the British Fantasy Society, in 2013 and 2016. My fiction has been called "graphically morbid". My writings are not for everyone. Are they for you? Find out.

I'm glad you came. I just lit a cigarette. I just made a drink. I hope you enjoy your exploration.

And to see what I'm up to right now, and what currently interests me, visit my page.

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"All was chaos, that is, earth, air, water, and fire were mixed together; and out of that bulk a mass formed-- just as cheese is made out of milk-- and worms appeared in it, and these were the angels."

-- Domenico Scandella, 1599 (Two years before being burned at the stake).

january 1, 2019

What I did, what others did.

My writings in 2018:


In November I published my latest novel, The Angry Red Planet. It's received great reviews, and is selling well.

I also published the following stories and novelettes:

How I Beat the System - Night Light, ed. Trevor Denyer
Lam - Crimewave, Issue 13, ed. Andy Cox
Peelers - The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors, ed. Peter Coleborn and Jan Edwards
Monkeys on the Beach - Tales from the Shadow Booth, ed. Dan Coxon
It Could Be Cancer - Uncertainties Vol III, ed. Lynda E. Rucker
China - Black Static, Issue 66, ed. Andy Cox

And the following Into the Woods columns for Black Static:

Disappointing George News - March-April 2018
This Is the Part Where You Start To Say Goodbye - May-June 2018
All Reassurances Can Be Peeled Away - July-August 2018
What Do You Think He Saw - September-October 2018
A Mask for the Bones Beneath - November-December 2018

And the following Lately columns:

For Now These Many Decades
Home Repairs Are Like Zombies
It Can't Be Easy Being an Actor
How Americans Pronounce 'Route'
The Well-Dressed One

And created The Actor Crossovers Project on my website SENTENCE, an art project listing all the actors who have appeared in at least two of the ten TV series Mary and I watch over and over again.

And wrote the following short stories/novelettes:

I Think the One on the Left Just Moved (9,000 words)
Welcome to the World of Men and Women (11,400)
He Put Her Steam First (10,300)
What the Snow Brings (4,600)
Like You (7,500)
The Dirty Part of My Body (12,700)
I Write Your Name (9,900)
Help Me Eat My Monkey (9,750)

The story I wrote last year I probably like the most is "I Write Your Name", followed by "Like You."

My novelette "Do Not Pet" will be in the next issue of Black Static (#67); my short story "The Dead Leave Small Bones" will be in the next issue of Cemetery Dance (#77).

Near the end of the year Mary had cataract surgery on her left eye with spectacular results, and a few days before that surgery, my computer crashed, so that I had to wipe my hard drive clean in order to get my computer functioning again.

What others did:

Favorite TV Shows That First Aired in 2018:

Put in alphabetical order so I don't make any of them jealous.

Better Call Saul (AMC) - Vince Gilligan's expansion of the Breaking Bad story, a prequel showing how Jimmy McGill turned into Saul Goodman. The show does not have as strong a narrative drive as Breaking Bad, since it's basically filling in the pieces before Breaking Bad starts, but it has some great individual scenes.

Escape from Dannemora (SHOWTIME) - A limited series documenting the escape from prison of two convicts aided by a female prison supervisor. Starring Benicio del Toro, Paul Dano, and an unrecognizable Patricia Arquette. All episodes are directed by Ben Stiller, and have a deliberate sordid feel to them. It takes a little time to grow on you.

Get Shorty (EPIX) - Series based in part on the Elmore Leonard novel about a mobster who tries to become a Hollywood producer, starring Chris O'Dodd, Lidia Porto, Sean Bridgers, and Ray Romano. Created by Davey Holmes as a fresh, inventive take on the novel, with some unexpected violent moments, and a stylish, all-percussion soundtrack.

Kidding (SHOWTIME) - Jim Carrey stars in a series created by Dave Holstein about a children's TV show host who's going through a series of tragedies. Takes a lot of narrative risks, and most of them pay off. Probably the most adventurous of the shows listed here.

Patrick Melrose (SHOWTIME) - Limited series adaptation of the Edward St. Aubyn novels starring Benedict Cumberbatch in an extraordinary portrayal of a man fighting addiction throughout his life. First rate.

Ray Donovan (SHOWTIME) - Liev Schreiber returns in the sixth season of this well-made series about a Hollywood fixer who's willing to kill when it's necessary. The series has now moved from California to New York City, boosting the show with a new dynamic as Donovan tries to help manipulate an upcoming mayoral election.

Room 104 (HBO) - A half hour anthology series from The Duplass Brothers, who are doing some of the most interesting movie and TV work currently. As with every anthology show, some episodes are better than others, but overall it's a great presentation well worth watching.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (FX) - Ryan Murphy returns after 2017's terrific dramatization of the OJ Simpson trial with a look at the murder of clothing designer Gianni Versace, with an absolutely brilliant performance by Darrin Criss as Versace's murderer.

The Romanoffs (AMAZON) - Matthew Weiner's return to TV after Mad Men, with an anthology series about people around the world who claim they are descendants of the Romanoffs. Fascinating show, with an extraordinary range of stories, most of them feature film length. The show I most want to be renewed for a new season.

The Walking Dead Season 9 (AMC) - Under new showrunner Angela Kang, this long-running series has regained some of its narrative strength after a weak season 8. I'm excited again to see how the show moves forward.

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